7 Best Fertilizer for Geraniums (Reviews & Guide)

Geraniums are the versatile plants that belong to the genus Pelargonium. The pelargonium genus comprises about 200 species of shrubs and flowering plants. 

Geraniums are being appreciated by gardeners to enhance the beauty of the gardens due to their various color classifications, scent, and rapid growth both indoors and outdoors. 

The fertilizer requirement of the geraniums is low comparatively but the variation is seen in the nutrient requirements among indoor and outdoor plants.

What kind of fertilizer is best for geraniums?

Liquid fertilizers are considered to be the best for the geraniums due to easy absorption and immediate results. Geranium plants that are grown outdoors will face difficulty to bloom if they are provided with proper fertilization. 

The best fertilizer for outdoor plants is the slow-releasing fertilizer to prevent leaching losses and to assure the uniform supply of nitrogen to the plants.

In normal growing conditions, the geranium plants require complete fertilizers such as 10-10-10 having all the major macronutrients i.e NPK.  The fertilizers of the dry form should be applied as 2 pounds per 100 sq. ft. or if the fertilizer composition is 5-10-5 then the rate will be 4 pounds per 100 sq. ft. 

Dry fertilizers should be applied with water to ensure their mixing to the soil and readily available to the plant’s roots. 

The geranium plants growing indoors have a low need for nutrients. They should be planted in the pot having a proper nutrient mix prepared by mixing 1:1:1 of soil, sand, and peat. Do not provide any fertilizer to the indoor plants until they are established. Once the plants have established, put the fertilizer (20-20-20) at a rate of 2 tablespoons spoons to one gallon of water.

Top 7 best fertilizer for geraniums – Buyer’s Guide

1. JR Peter’s 77020 Jack’s Professional Geranium Fertilizer

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It is the most popular fertilizer produced by JR Peter’s for geraniums. It is the best product for geraniums due to its role in minimizing the effect of phosphorus deficiency. 

It comprises the high amounts of potash and phosphorus which are essential nutrients for establishing strong-rooted plants and heavy loads of blooms. It has an adequate amount of all the essential nutrients NPK as 15-15-15.

The best thing about this product is its feature of water solubilizing. Due to its instant mixing in water, it can be applied both through soil or leaves. 

The application of this fertilizer is very simple as by mixing the fertilizer in water and can be applied easily. For outdoor plants, the 1 tablespoon of fertilizer is mixed in 1 gallon of water. However, for indoor plants, half tablespoon of fertilizer is mixed in the same quantity of water.

  • Water-solublenHave all essential nutrients NPKnCan be applied as foliarn
  • The potash composition is low comparativelyn

2. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed Rose & Bloom Plant Food

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This plant food works as miraculously as its name. It is specially formulated by Miracle-Gro to boost the vigor and strength of your geraniums and will also boost the growth to promote the blooms of various colors.

This plant food will nourish the topsoil and also promotes the deposition of nutrients in the deeper soils. The ingredients which improve the soil quality are feather meal, bone meal, earthworm casting, and kelp.

The application of this food is simple as simply spreading the food around the plants after shaking well. Then simply add the water and it will last for 3 months and keep nourishing the soil.

  • Promotes bloomsnContains natural ingredients to feed microbesnFeeds up to 3 monthsn
  • Apply as directed otherwise it will burn your plants.

3. ALGOplus Geranium and Patio Plants Liquid Fertilizer for Houseplant and Organic Garden

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It is specially formulated by ALGOplus for geraniums. The composition of NPK is 4-6-8 which shows that it has all essential nutrients as required by geraniums.

This liquid fertilizer has complete food as needed by geraniums that can make your flowers bloom and enhance the leaf’s growth.

It is the best food for indoor geraniums. 

The best thing about this product is its pure organic nature. It also has a good proportion of micronutrients which will help to improve soil fertility.

The application of this liquid fertilizer is simple. If you want to apply the fertilizer into the soil then just mix the 10 ml liquid into the 1 gallon of water and then apply it. And in case you are going to apply as foliar spray then mix the 5 ml in 1 gallon of water.

  • Has 12 essential minerals and trace elementsn100% soluble in waternNature-Friendlyn
  • Need extra care during application otherwise, the blooms will be damagedn

4. Bayer Advanced 701262 All-In-One Rose and Flower Care Concentrate

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This Bayer Advanced 701262 concentrate comes with triple-action as fertilizer, fungicide, and insecticide for plant protection.

The deficiency of phosphorus is the reason for yellowing of leaves and when comes to the geraniums the nutrients required more than normal plants to keep them nutrified.

It has a high amount of phosphorus to maintain a good growth of geraniums. The composition of this fertilizer contains NPK as 9-14-9. The 14 number in formulation shows the phosphorus amount to keep the strong roots growth, green leaves, and blooms.

It protects the plants from insects and fungal diseases due to its action as fungicide and as an insecticide.

The application is done by simply measuring the geranium height and taking 1-ounce of concentrate per foot and mixing in water. Pour this solution around the base of the plant. It can not be applied as a foliar spray.

This fertilizer comes in granular form and the granules of ½ cap amount are enough for 1 ft of geraniums. Try it on your geraniums and get the beautiful colored blooms. 

  • Promotes strong rootsnAct as Insect control for Japanese beetles (adult), aphidsnAct as Disease control i.e Black spot, powdery mildewn
  • Cannot be applied as foliar

5. Fertilome Geranium Hanging Basket and Pansy Plant Food

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If you think that your geraniums especially hanging basket geraniums are not performing well and they need some miracle food that boosts up its growth and the blooms quantity then this is what you wish for.

This 20-20-20 food will give your geraniums with equal amounts of NPK to promote growth.

The best thing about this product is its longer results and promoting deep green foliage along with blooms as promised. It will show great results if the soil is completely soaked.

It is applied by mixing just 1-2 tablespoons per 1 gallon of water due to high concentration in nature. In the case of hanging basket plants, the doe per gallon of water will be reduced to 1 tablespoon.

  • Highly concentrated plant foodnMiracle food nPromotes the strength of the rootsnImproves the bloomsn
  • The food will clump if not sealed well

6. J R Peters Jacks Classic No.4 10-30-20 Blossom Booster Fertilizer

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This nutrient-rich fertilizer comprises a good proportion of NPK as 10-30-20 which clarifies that it is specially formulated for increasing blooms. Because the phosphorus is the basic need of flowering plants.  

It will promote the more vibrant colored blooms on geraniums. It can be applied to all types of flowering plants through leaves and roots both.

Its application is done every 1-2 weeks to get a better result. If you are going to apply it to outdoor plants then the dose should not exceed the 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. And for indoors that dose should be ½ tablespoon.

Simply dilute the fertilizer in water and then apply it to the plants. Read the instructions and direction completely and then apply it.

From the previous buyer reviews, it was noted that it has created the biggest ever blooms than any other fertilizer. It may help your plants during the summer heatwave season. 

  • Enhanced micronutrient packagenProvides optimal nutritionnvigorous growthn
  • It will burn plants if not applied as directedn

7. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food

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This fertilizer has NPK in good proportion to enhance the growth of plants and their health. Because a healthy plant will produce healthy blooms. The composition is as 24-8-16 will promote vegetative growth and promote the colorful blooms.

The best thing about this fertilizer is its water-soluble nature. The water-soluble fertilizers are instantly absorbed or readily available to plants for the next use.

The 1 tablespoon of plant food is diluted in 1 gallon of water for outdoor plants however the ½ tablespoon is enough to feed the indoor plants. Apply the diluted solution to the plants as foliar. 

From the previous buyer’s reviews, it was noted that it is the best one fertilizer that provides all the essential nutrients to geraniums that are required for normal growth.

  • More, beautiful flowers and biggernWork instantlynAll-Purpose Plant FoodnWater Solublen
  • Burn the plants if the dose exceeds than as directed

How Often Should I Fertilize Geraniums?

The frequency of fertilizing the geraniums depends on several factors.

Geraniums are counted to be the heavy feeder plant which shows that they will show better growth if they will be provided with proper nutrients.

The soil type structure plays an important role in deciding the type of fertilizer you need to apply. 

If the soil is already prepared by adding the compost or manures then you do not need to do the fertilization frequently because the organic soils have natural organisms to fix the nutrients.

The established geraniums should be fertilized at the interval of every four weeks and so on.

best fertilizer for geraniums plant

If you have no time to do the fertilization frequently then you need to apply the slow-releasing fertilizers that can last for weeks. These fertilizers released the nutrients slowly for longer times.

When should you feed geraniums?

The geraniums growing in pots need the fertilizer application every 4-6 weeks during the spring and summer season. However, in the autumn and winter, this interval expands to every 8 weeks. Add the fertilizer carefully according to the required dose to the plants otherwise it will burn the plants. 


Q: How to fertilize the geraniums?

A: Fertilizing Outdoor Plants

When you are going to apply the fertilizer to the outdoor geraniums make sure to check that the atmosphere should be cool enough to not dry the chemical substances of the fertilizer. 

The fertilization of outdoor geraniums is done by mixing the fertilizer into the soil at planting or during the early spring. 

During July, a half dose of fertilizer can be applied as a second application. 

Avoid feeding the outdoor geraniums in the hotter days.

Fertilizing Indoor Plants

A well-potted compost mix is best for newly potted plants to make their establishment much faster.

The newly potted indoor plants do not require fertilizer for the first 2-3 months. After this period, fertilizer should be applied just at growing stages. 

The established indoor geraniums require fertilization every 4-6 weeks during the summer and spring and no more than every 8 weeks during fall and winter months.

Q: What are the symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in geraniums?

A: If the geranium plant is lacking any nutrient, it will show the symptoms through the appearance. 

The plant lacking nitrogen will show slow and stunted growth and yellowing of leaves.

In the case of deficiency of phosphorus, the geranium leaves will turn dark green and stunted growth. In case of severe deficiency, the lower leaves will turn reddish-purple.

The potash deficiency will show the signs of necrosis at leaf margins with weak stems. 

Q: What is the best time to apply fertilizer to geraniums?

A: Always keep in mind to fertilize every type of plant in cool and cum weather. Because fertilizing the plants in hot and warm conditions will burn the plants. Early morning or evening is the best time to do fertilization.

Q: How to Keep Geraniums Blooming?

A: The geraniums can be kept blooming just by proper care. The proper watering, fertilizing, sunny location, pest management, and pinching are steps to follow for geraniums care. Always remember that without proper care your geraniums will never bloom.

Q: How to make homemade fertilizer for geraniums?

A: Epsom salts are a good source of magnesium sulfate. It is composed of 10% magnesium and 13% sulfur.

You just need to add the 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to 1 gallon of water every 3rd and 4th watering. Mix the solution thoroughly and water the geraniums to get enhanced growth. 


The availability of required nutrients to geraniums is the key point to ensure the blooming. To suppress the hunger of geraniums the good potting mix is the best thing. Thereafter, proper fertilization is the last option to be adopted for healthy and enhanced growth.

We hope that you have found your best fertilizer for geraniums. We tried our best to provide you with enough knowledge about the products available in the market for geraniums. 

You know that fertilizer is not the only key thing to keep your geraniums blooming. The proper care, perfect sunlight, and watering are also necessary elements for geraniums.

Hope you found the best fertilizers for your geraniums. Now: feed the plants regularly for vigor, bushy, beautiful and healthy plants.

You know the fertilizer is not only the key thing for beautiful geraniums. Besides, sufficient sunlight, perfect watering and proper care at all are also important.

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