The 7 Best Fertilizer For Cantaloupe – 2021 (Reviews)

Cantaloupe, a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, is a high nutrient refreshing summer fruit.

Besides being popular as Cantaloupe it is also known as musk melon, rockmelon and Persian melon.

Because of its sweet taste and high water content it is popular among kids and adults.

It contains a variety of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants .

Cantaloupe is rich in selenium, beta carotene, vitamin A, E, B, C, lutein, zeaxanthin, choline folate, iron and zinc. 

What you need to know about cantaloupe plantation

  • Requires plenty of sunlight. 
  • Requires warm well-drained sandy soil. 
  • Vine requires 90 days to grow. 
  • Fruit needs 35 to 45 days to ripen after pollination. 
  • In the case of poor germination, it requires at least 65 degrees of temperature. 
  • Cantaloupe is sensitive to drought. 
  • Soil PH required: Neutral to slightly acidic. 

Watering cantaloupe

1. Cantaloupe requires one to two-inch of water every week when the flowers on the vine start blooming. 

2. Cantaloupe requires less water when the fruit starts growing. 

3. Keep the leaves dry. 

4. Avoid over watering your cantaloupe.

Cantaloupe fertilization

✪ Apply a balanced amount of fertilizer when the plant is at least 4 inches up on the ground.

✪ Ideal fertilization rate is 1 or  1 and ½ per 100 square feet.

✪ Always use water soluble fertilizer 

✪ Avoid using nitrogen rich fertilizer when the flowers start blooming  it would make it large but fruitless.

Recommended formula

The recommended formula for cantaloupe is 10-10-10 or 5-5-5(a fertilizer having an equal amount of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium) when the cantaloupe starts appearing. 

5-10-10 or 2-12-12 is ideal to use when the flowers start blooming.

Fertilization method

If planted in soil apply it immediately when the cantaloupe starts appearing.

If cantaloupe is planted in the pot it is recommended to fertilize using an automatic drip irrigation system or with any electrical sprayer.

Organic or chemical/Artificial fertilizer

If you want the patch of yourland to stay healthy for longer period of time than you should definitely go for the organic ones.

Organic fertilizer are slower than the other type of fertilizers.

Chemical fertilizer may start destroying your land after some time. But they both have advantages as well. 

Advantages of chemical fertilizer

  1. They work fast. 
  2. They are inexpensive 
  3. Easier to understand and use.

Disadvantages of chemical fertilizer

  • 1. They do nothing to the soil but to grow plants well. 
  • Upsets microbial ecosystem. 
  • Increases pests. 
  • Change soil PH
  • Releases greenhouse gasses

Advantages of organic fertilizer

  1. They improve the structure of soil. 
  2. They improve soil’s drainage ability. 
  3. No chemical buildup.

Disadvantages of organic fertilizer

  • Works quite slow
  • Nutrient ratio is unknown

Few best-reviewed and tested fertilizers available in market

Just like every other vegetable and flowering plants cantaloupe also need fertilizers to grow well.

1. Triple 10 All-purpose liquid fertilizer 10-10-10 (Best fertilizer for cantaloupe)

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This 100%GMO free all purpose fertilizer is recommended for cantaloupe for its balanced formation.

  •   It contains equal amount of necessary nutrients cantaloupe needs to grow.
  • Nitrogen and phosphorus help in developing large fruit, shoots and foliage.
  • Another good reason to go for this fertilizer is its measure and pour bottle.
  • You can pure the liquid by just squeezing the bottle. 
  • It is 110% pets and toddlers friendly. 
  • Useage rate: 1-2 oz per gallon of water.

Keep using it every 1-2 week. Water generously when you start fertilizing cantaloupe. 

Weight: 2.9 pounds. 

Cons: Excessive use may result in burning leaves.

2. Cal-mag complete calcium magnesium growing supplement by TPs nutrient, Quart(32oz)

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This cal-mag fertilizer come packed with all necessary nutrients. It healthy combination promotes over all plant health.

  • It contains calcium, magnesium, Cooper, iron, sulfur, zinc, manganese and boson.
  • Balanced quantity(4.5-0-0: 4.5%) promotes healthy leaf, flower and fruit production.
  • one good reason to go with this fertilizer? Well its its reasonable price and hight nutrient nature.

Usage rate: try using ½ 1 lm of per gallon 

Formula : 4.5-0-0:4.5%calcium 1.6 magnesium. 

Weight: 2.7 pounds. 

Cons: Avoid excessive use

3. Dr. Earth golden bloom high phosphate plant food  1 Gallon

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This all natural environmental friendly fertilizer is rich in all micro and macro nutrients required for plant growth.

  • It made with food wastes collected from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago,New york, Tampa, Houston, seattle and Houston.
  • This sustainable solution is 100% pathogen free.

Because of it organic nature it can applied throught growing season.

It besides helping plants to grow also make them highly resistant to diseases. However, it doesn’t smell good. 

Applications rate: Apply it by mix 4oz of solution per gallon. It can applied every 14 to 28 days. 

Weight: 10.6 pounds.

Excessive use should be avoided

4. Jobe’s organic 09224 fruit and citrus fertilizer (Best fertilizer for cantaloupe)

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This GMO free 100% certified organic fertilizer is recommended for cantaloupe is because of its thoughtful formation.

It promotes user safety

This USDA approved contains biozone(a healthy combination of mycorrhizal fungi and archaea) as an active ingredient which is known for its fast action.

It break the nutrients and help them in reaching the roots faster.

Its low nitrogen and high potassium and phosphorus combination make it a must-have for both grown and baby cantaloupes. 

Application : Apply it every 2-3 weeks. 

For ground planted cantaloupe: Add this organic fertilizer to the planting hole and mix well. Use 1/2 Cups for 10 foot square. 

For container pots : ½ cups sixteen per inch.

5. Dr. Earth Golden Bloom (1-2-1)

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This high phosphorus organic fertilizer is on my list because of its rich nutritional factor.

  • It is formulated to promote robust in plants and flowers.
  • It is equally  beneficial for annual, perennial and prebiotics. Its can be applied anytime in the year. 

Ingredients: Fishbone, meal, soft rock, mined potassium, seaweed extracts kelp meal, phosphate.  

Other ingredients include 7% prebiotics microbial food, 2% concentrated aloe vera, 5% humic acid, 1% yucca schidigera extract. 

Application :

Apply using foliar spray. It is recommended to use it every 2 weeks for best results. 

Mix 4 tablespoon per gallon of water and apply directly to the soil. To avoid leaf burns either apply early morning or after 4 pm.

6. Down to Earth Blood Meal Fertilizer Mix 12-0-0, 5 lb

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Cantaloupe needs organic fertilizer with less toxicity and environment friendly. t is quintessential fertilizer that promotes vegetative growth.

It will break down the compost pile. It has recommended amount of nitrogen in organic form. Melon plants need an adequate amount of nitrogen for flowers and fruit growth.

Down to earth fertilizer is complete supply with soil amendments, organic fertilizers, compost and organic media.

Mechanism of this fertilizer is very unique because it works with fungi, bacteria and another microorganism.

Cons: Packaging is not good

Fox Farm 6-4-4, 1-Pint FX14092 Grow Big Liquid Concentrate Fertilizer

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B00BYG6TIG&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=lawndesire 20

That is cheap and best fertilizer on the list. Fox farm fertilizer works best for lush vegetative growth. Fertilizer contains Norwegian kelp, micronutrients and earthworm castings.

It will enhance plant’s growth structure and more fruits and flowers.

Allow new seedlings to set then apply this fertilizer for good results.Organic ingredients of this fertilizer will show quick results in plant growth.


Health Benefits of cantaloupe

These vitamins and minerals provide following health benefits :


Prevents mental decline and cancer protects against heart disease and boosts immunity. 

Beta carotene

Promotes eye health and improves skin

Vitamin A

reduces acne and risk of cancer, improve immune system and protects again blindness. 

Vitamin B

Promote cell health, energy level, good digestion, healthy appetite, prevents infections and helps in the growth of red blood cells

Vitamin C

Reduces the risk of heart and chronic disease manages blood pressure, boosts immunity, improves iron absorption, prevents memory and gout attack by reducing uric acid. 

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

They are good for eye health as it helps in filtering out the harmful blue rays. 

Choline folate

It prevents the development of asthma in the person’s later life. 


It boosts immunity and haemoglobin, treats anaemia, improves muscle strength and concentration, reduces fatigue and bruising. 


It aids in wound healing, treats diarrhoea and cold, reduces the risk of chronic disease. 

Conclusion and our Pick

Our buyer guide and need for fertilizer will help you to pick the best fertilizer for your plant. Down to Earth Blood Meal Fertilizer Mix is our best pick, because it is cheap and consist of all organic nutrients which are environment friendly.

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