💦 5 of the Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews – 2021 Edition

One of the less interesting gardening tools for many gardeners is the common garden hose. A hose is just a hose, isn’t it? The purpose, to transport water from one place to another place, seems rather straightforward. But expandable hoses save space and water plus they are easy to use.

As it turns out, there is a lot more to the story than I ever knew. After my last garden hose broke from too much water pressure, I decided to find a high-quality expandable hose that could last for several years and would also be easier to use than the heavy one I had been lugging around all last summer. I hope these expandable hose reviews I did will help you in your search for a high-quality expandable hose.

The expandable garden hose has become one of my favorite new garden tools. I have used it for watering my lawn and my raised garden bed, washing my car, and filling the kid’s pool.

Best Expandable Garden Hoses For Lawns & Gardens

TruTec Triple Hose – The Strongest Hose (Best Overall)

TruTec Garden Hose | Strongest Expandable Hose Triple Layer Latex Core | ¾” Solid Brass Shut Off...
  • 💧STRONG AND DURABLE. No more splits, leaks, cracks. Why? Because...
  • 💧BUILT TO LAST. We only use the strongest materials. Triple latex...
  • 💧EXPANDABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO USE HOSE. This hose begins at a...
  • 💧YOU WILL ENJOY YOUR NEW SPRAY NOZZLE. With its ergonomic soft...

I like the TruTec hose mainly due to the thickness of the hose. You can tell that this thing is extra thick compared to other single layer hoses I have used in the past. I had my outside spigot open full and with the sprayer locked for a few minutes and this hose didn’t bulge or feel like it was under too much stress. This can handle up to 170PSI (though it’s not recommended to go above 80 PSI) which is well within the safe zone for homeowners. You can purchase this hose in lengths of 50 ft., 75 ft., or 100 ft.

The fittings and connectors are 3/4″ brass which is nice and strong andmake connecting the hose quick and easy. The nylon casing is made of 3750D fabri, making this hose durable and strong. The spray nozzle has 8 spray settings. The 12-month warranty is a nice safety feature to have in case you do happen to bust one out.

These are the main reason why I voted this the strongest overall. Check it out for yourself.

Aterod – Best Short (25 ft.- 75 ft.) Expandable Hoses

Aterod 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible Expanding Water Hose with 9...
  • Amazing durability,lightweight hose.
  • Solid brass connectors.
  • 9 functional nozzle.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • 75 feet Expandable Garden Hose, Extra Strength Fabric, Flexible...

One of the main things I like about this hose is the strength of the outer casing, which is made of 5000D polyester. I have never had any leaks while using this hose either. It is incredibly lightweight and it’s hands down my favorite short expandable hose. It is light enough that even my young son has carried it around while helping me in the yard. I usually use this one in smaller areas close to my home.

This hose has two layers of latex with a tough outer casing. It is durable enough that I don’t stress too much about accidental punctures while I am using it. The brass connectors are made to last, and they made attaching the hose to the faucet and nozzle fast and simple.

The hose also comes with a 9 function spray nozzle, which has been great for most watering needs in my yard. I also liked that it came with a hangar for storing the hose as well as a storage bag so I can store the hose away during the winter. Check Latest Price on Amazon

Titan XR -Best Long (100 ft.-150 ft.) Expandable Hose

TITAN 150FT Garden Hose - All New Expandable Water Hose with Triple Latex Core 3/4" Easy Removal...
  • ✅ INCREDIBLY EXPANDS 3X IN LENGTH FROM 50FT to 150FT - as you...
  • ✅ SIZING - Expands to a full working length of 150FT when the valve...
  • ✅ NEVER KINK TANGLE OR TWIST - No more kinking, tangling or...
  • ✅ HEAVY DUTY BRASS COMPONENTS - Our garden hose has precision...
  • ✅ THE TITAN DIFFERENCE - Our sole focus is for you, the customer, to...

The Titan XR was my choice for the best longest hose because it is available all the way up to 200ft. I use the 150-foot version and even with the extra-long length, the water pressure has been great. I haven’t noticed any loss of pressure while using this hose. The Titan XR has been great when I have needed the extra length to wash my car and driveway.

As a helpful note, size up when purchasing this one. The hose will expand to the full 150-foot length when the valve is on, but it does shrink some when not in use. It’s better to just go up one size on this one. This hose is also available in multiple lengths starting from a small 15 ft.

The Titan XR is TOUGH. It has a strong triple layer of natural latex inner core. I have not experienced any leaks or breaks while using this hose. It also has a very durable 550D polyester webbing outing casing and brass connectors.

The nozzle that comes with the hose is an adjustable jet sprayer. Some other features that I liked are that it is available in a few color options, and the company supplies extra washers with the initial purchase. This hose also has a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 12-month warranty.

Knoikos-Best Expandable Hose for the Garden

Knoikos Expandable Garden Hose 50ft - Expanding Water Hose with 10 Function High Pressure Nozzle,...
  • ▶BEST QUALITY MATERIAL GARDEN HOSE: Super durable 3750D fabric...
  • ▶SOLID FITTINGS CONNECTOR WATER HOSE: The expandable garden hose is...
  • ▶10 SETTING NOZZLE GARDEN HOSE: Compared to most 6 pattern water...
  • ▶HIGH-QUALITY & EXPANDABLE GARDEN HOSE: The expansion water hose...
  • ▶EASY TO STORE & WARRANTY WATER HOSE: Unique designed that can be...

Click image above to see price and specs on Amazon.

What I liked about the Knoikos expandable hose is that it is versatile. The length of this hose, which is 100 ft. when in use, allows me to use this for many different areas of the garden. It’s long enough and flexible enough that I can water my entire yard with it. I also like that it comes in this beautiful blue color, which makes it stands out from other hoses. This hose is my choice for best for the garden as it is very functional for all outdoor garden uses and long enough to work in the entire yard.

The Knoikos hose has two layers of latex for the inner core, so it is stronger in comparison to cheaper hoses. The outer core is 3300D polyester, which is durable enough for normal use. The connectors are made of 3/4″ brass. My previous hose was made with cheap plastic connectors and switching to hoses that use brass connectors has been one of the best moves I have made. The brass connectors are really helpful for an easy connection to the faucet.

The 10-function spray nozzle on this hose is high quality as well. Other nice features included with the hose are a storage bag, hose hangar, and 3 extra sealing rings.

Elk and Bear – Best Expandable Hose with a Lifetime Warranty

Expandable Garden Watering Hose w/ Spray Nozzle Brass Fitting Flexible No Kink Lightweight Portable...
  • LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE - Portable Flex Garden Hose You’ll...
  • FLEXIBLE, PORTABLE, EXPANDABLE 50 ft No Tangle Hose, Never Kink Garden...
  • HEAVY DUTY GARDEN HOSE Perfect RV Accessory Camper or Trailer...

Click image above to see price and specs on Amazon.

The Elk and Bear expandable hose stands out because they offer a lifetime warranty. This is a great benefit for those worried about getting a hose that will eventually leak or blow out. Be sure to register your hose within two weeks of purchase in order to benefit from the warranty.

This is a high-quality hose as well. It boasts a natural latex core, an outer casing made of 5000D fabric, and brass connectors. This hose is durable and versatile. This hose has been easy to use and feels like it was made with care and high-quality materials. You can purchase this hose is lengths of 50 ft., 75 ft., or 100 ft.

The hose has a nice 9-function nozzle as well as a storage and carry bag.

Expandable Hose Buying Guide

Expandable Hose Buyer Guide

Owning an expandable garden hose can make outdoor chores easier and more enjoyable. However, making the right purchase is important to the experience you will have with your new hose. There are many manufacturers of expandable garden hoses and not all are created equal. Common complaints include short lifespan and water leaks. The material being used and the quality of the product are important considerations in your purchase.

 Are you unsure of what to look for in a new expandable hose? Then this guide is perfect for you! In this buyer’s guide, you will find information about the hose materials as well as other considerations to keep in mind when purchasing an expandable garden hose. 

What is an Expandable Garden Hose?

What is an Expandable Garden Hose?

Expandable Garden Hoses, also known as pocket hoses, were made to solve some existing problems known to be associated with traditional garden hoses. Many people find a typical garden hose to be heavy, bulky, and frustrating to lug around the yard. They kink, spring leaks, and some wear out fairly quickly.

The expandable hoses are lightweight, flexible, self-draining, won’t tangle, and when not turned on much smaller than a traditional hose. The expandable hose is usually made of an outer nylon shell and inner latex core. The hose is designed in such a way as it can expand with use and shrink when disengaged. This allows for the lighter weight of the hose as well as a more flexible and smaller garden tool.

Expandable garden hoses have now had a few generations of manufacturing and consumer use. Fortunately, many companies have been able to improve expandable hoses based on observations, reviews, and consumer feedback. Technology improvements continue to improve the materials and make of the hoses, which is good news for those of us that appreciate the ease and convenience of an expandable hose. 

When looking to make a purchase for the best expandable garden hose, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. The quality of the materials being used is the most important factor. Materials for consideration in the hose are the inner core, the outer layer, and the connectors being used in the hose.

There will also be other considerations such as the length of the hose you are looking for as well as the weight of the hose. Check out the buying guide that is attached to this article for more in-depth information.

Different Parts Used In Expandable Hoses

The four main parts of an expandable garden hose which are the outer casing, the inner core, fittings, and the sprayer. All of these parts need to have durable and quality materials used on them to ensure that the hose will last a long time and not break. Let’s break each part down below.

The Outer Casing

Typically an Expandable Garden hose is made of nylon or a polyester cover. Both options make a good casing as they are made to withstand tough use and can help to avoid accidental penetration from sharp sticks, stones, or other typical yard debris. The nylon makes a perfect cover of tough, flexible, and mildew-resistant fabric for hoses and this is the cover that you will most likely find on for an expandable hose.

Polyester is another option for the hose casing but is seen less frequently but is not uncommon. The most important quality is the strength of the fabric. Look for exterior fabrics with a 600D*600D or 400D*400D strength for durability.

The Inner Core

The inner core is where you will find the most versatility in terms of materials being used by various manufacturers. The most common materials used in the inner core are TPU and latex. TPU is a Thermoplastic copolyester. This material is generally used for industrial tubing and is made to be tough but is also pricy. TPU is used less often in expandable hoses.

Latex is the more popular choice for inner cores. Latex can be either natural or synthetic. It is strong enough to make a tough inner core while keeping the price of the expandable hose reasonable. The inner core can be made from 2, 3, or even 4 layers of latex. The additional layers are important to the hose as they protect from accidental leaks or breaks in the hose.

Even though additional layers sound like it would make a stronger and better hose, the more layers the inner core the less flexible the hose becomes due to the added strength and material. Having a hose with three layers is usually a good amount of protection while maintaining a flexible and versatile hose. Take into account your own personal preferences in this as well. If you think you need a tougher hose the extra layer of a 4-layer hose may be better for you.


Connectors on the hose can be made with brass or plastic. This category is fairly straightforward. Brass connectors are more sturdy and last longer. Plastic connectors break easily and may not last more than one season of use.


Some expandable hoses will come equipped with a sprayer nozzle. The quality of the nozzle can vary greatly and the quality of the hose is not dependent on the quality of the nozzle. In fact, many high-quality hose manufacturers do not include a nozzle with their expandable hose at all.

I consider the sprayer nozzle to be the icing on the cake when it comes to the hose purchase. It also may be that you purchase a high-quality hose and then need to purchase a high-quality sprayer nozzle separately. Bottom line, don’t let the cheap nozzle be the determining factor of your expandable hose purchase, as better nozzles can always be added to the hose later.

Length and Weight of Expandable Garden Hoses

Expandable garden hoses will list two sizes in product descriptions. The length of the hose while it is contracted and the length that it can potentially expand to. Expandable hoses will fill up to three times their non-filled length. Usually, product descriptions list the hoses as 25, 50, 75, or 100 feet in length. This is the maximum length the hose will expand to and it is important to look further in the descriptions to find the contracted length of the hose.

One of the more common complaints about expandable garden hoses is that they will not fill to their maximum length. One of the factors in this is water pressure or PSI. I will discuss PSI a little bit later in this guide.

But for now, know that the best practice is to buy the correct length for your needs without going over. If a 25-foot hose is sufficient, then don’t buy a 75-foot hose. The water pressure is likely to better on the smaller hose.

The weight of expandable hose averages to be 1.5-3 pounds. This is significantly less than a traditional garden hose which weighs about 8 pounds for a 50-foot hose. The weight of your expandable garden hose will vary accordingly with the length and materials of the hose.

What Is the Recommended PSI for an Expandable Hose?

PSI stands for pounds per square inch. The PSI essentially means the speed at which the water will travel through the hose. When looking into garden hoses consider the water pressure the hose can handle as well. This information is not always available from each manufacturer but it can be an important consideration.

Most hoses will be built to withstand typical water pressure levels in a home, but using a lower PSI may extend the life of the hose by reducing wear and tear on the hose materials. Water pressure in the home typically ranges from 30- 80 PSI, while the average is 40-60 PSI. Pressure levels above 80 can cause damage and are usually too high for accessories and appliances and pressure levels below 40 are generally too low.

Helpful tips for expandable garden hose care

what to look for in an expandable hose

Expandable garden hoses differ from traditional hoses in many ways. If an expandable garden hose is new to you, be aware that the maintenance is quite different from the hose you are probably used to using.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidance and care instructions for your hose. Products can vary, and instructions may not always be the same for each hose. The following are some general tips and guidance that apply to most expandable hoses.

  1. Storage: When the hose is not uses make sure to let it contract itself to its smallest length by draining all water from the hose. Keep the hose off the ground by hanging it when not in use. Store the hose in a protected environment away from UV lights that could cause damage to the outer layer, as well as keeping it away from extreme temperatures.
  2. Use: Before turning the water on, lay the hose out without pulling hard, turn the valve to the off potion. Turn the water on to fill the hose and allow the hose to fill and stretch out to its full length before opening the valve for use. This reduces long term wear to the inner layer.
  3. Maintenance: When done using the hose, don’t leave the hose on with the valve off. Be sure to completely drain the hose and allow the hose to contract to its smallest length.
  4. Care: When using the hose lookout for sharp objects that could potentially penetrate the outer layer and cause leaks to spring up or other damage to the hose. Sharp sticks, metal, rocks, etc. are potential hazards that can cause wear and tear to the hose.


How long will an expandable garden hose last?

It’s really hard to predict the exact lifespan of an expandable garden hose. Sadly, there are some hoses that won’t last more than a few weeks. However, a well made expandable garden hose can last several years. This is one of the most important reasons that hose specifications should be checked before making a purchase. There is nothing more disappointing than spending money on a product that cant survives long under typical use. Looking for a product that has a warranty will also be helpful when looking into product life. Many manufacturers offer up to a 12-month warranty.

Can I Use An Expandable Hose With a Portable Sprinkler?

Yes, these types of hoses can be used with stationary and oscillating sprinklers. However it is not advisable if you require a high water output, plus the sprinkler can move around unless you secure it in the ground. You could also stretch the hose out if it is secured and when the water is turned off.

How does an Expandable garden hose work?

Expandable garden hoses are made to expand three times their length with water pressure. They are made with 2 layers, an inner core and outer casing, which allows the hose to expand and contract. When the valve is turned off and the water faucet is attached and on, pressure builds up inside the hose allowing the hose to expand. When the water is off expandable hoses will self drain and won’t twist or kink. The smaller size also makes it easy to store.

What are the most common problems associated with expandable garden hoses?

The most common issue that users have with expandable garden hoses is that they leak, the inner core breaks causing water bursts, and that they don’t last very long. Leaks are often caused by poorly made connectors and fittings. See the buying guide in this article for more in depth information about connectors. Weak inner cores cause water bursts and damage to the outer layer is most likely to cause breakage to the hose. Finding hoses with the highest quality materials will reduce the chance of these issues to occur.

How do you use an expandable garden hose?

When you use the expandable garden hose it is important to begin by allowing the hose to fill to full length. To do this you want to attach the hose to the faucet and then make sure the valve on the nozzle end of the hose has been placed in the off position. Now you can turn the water on and allow the hose to fill. After the hose fills the valve can be turned into the on position and used as normal. The valve on the hose will allow you to adjust the water pressure on the hose as needed.

What is the best way to store an expandable garden hose?

In either very hot weather or very cold weather, the best way to store your expandable garden hose is in an indoor environment. When the hose is not being used make sure that it has been drained completely. Freezing temperatures can make an undrained expandable garden hose burst. Water that has been heated by extremely hot water can also damage the hose. Keeping the hose on a pocket hose holder in the shade is recommended.

In Conclusion

Expandable garden hoses can be one way to make garden chores a lot easier. Once I decided to make this change in my daily yard care routine I was delighted by how much faster I was getting watering and washing tasks done.

If you have decided that this a garden tool that you would like to try for yourself it is important to research your options before making this purchase.

Many people have been disappointed by a poor product that broke quickly. It is also important to understand how to properly use and care for an expandable garden hose.

Mistakes made in the proper use of these hoses can sometimes cause a short lifespan for a new expandable hose. However, a high-quality expandable garden hose that is properly used can be a wonderful tool for outside chores that lasts several years. These hoses can make all watering jobs easier and more enjoyable.





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