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As the name site name suggests, here we provide tips and guide to help you keep you choose proper tools and equipment for your lawn.

We are aware of how hard and challenging can be to find the right tools that fulfill your lawn needs the best.

All of the guides and articles are written after intense research to provide you with great resources.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hello :).

Our Authors are:

Enrique Silva

ricardoBorn and raised in Austin, TX I come from a background of lawn maintenance. By helping my family in my younger years with their lawn care business, I learned the ropes quickly and as I grew it became my passion that I still do today. Looking to share my knowledge with others. I invite you to leave comments on any post as I know you will have questions that you are not finding anywhere else.

Anton Schwarz

Anton SchwarzLawn care advocate for over 10 years helping brands such as Toro, Craftsman, Tru Green, and more by helping them with their marketing. I’ve been in the lawn care industry all my life.

My first ‘business’ was mowing yards in my neighborhood when I was 10 years old. Somehow I didn’t mind it and it turned into a passion of mine while in high school.

Rob Boirun

rob grassStarting out in lawn care at an early age also, I helped my grandfather tend to the golf course he managed. In addition to being the ‘go-to’ source for lawn care advice in my neighborhood, I have also helped local lawn care businesses with their marketing.

I also contribute on www.crabgrasslawn.com


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